DC Flight-In to meet with members of Congress

MERC Aerospace joined the members of the Arnold Community Council (ACC) for a fly-in to meet with Tennessee representatives on April 29th and 30th. Arnold Community Council is an organization that was formed to work with legislators, active-duty service men and women, and the contractor workforce at Arnold Engineering Development Center, located in Tullahoma, Tennessee.

Arnold Engineering Development Center (AEDC) is home to the largest classified wind tunnels in the United States. The work at Arnold spans decades of testing and R&D that gave birth to many of the firsts in aeronautical engineering and space flight including the first hypersonic vehicle the X-43 developed and manufactured by MicroCraft, a Tullahoma-based company, and support contractor to AEDC. AEDC houses an impressive array of capabilities including Hypersonic wind tunnels with velocities of greater than Mach 5. These systems can test new aircraft designs in extreme temperature and pressure conditions.

The work at Arnold is coordinated with engineering modelers and flight test engineers to provide comprehensive data for analysis and facilitate improved designs to keep pace with our adversaries. These lessons learned can also be spun off into the civilian sector in the form of improved fuel economy based on wing designs by lessening the drag on the airplane. During our visit, we met with all of the representatives from Tennessee including US Senators Marsha Blackburn and Bill Hagerty. We discussed how to improve the quality of life for our service people and the contractor workforce that supports them. We also discussed the significant role of small businesses in supporting the DoD and NASA missions by bringing niche technological expertise not usually found in larger companies.

Arnold Community Council: https://arnoldcommunitycouncil.org/

ACC Brochure: https://arnoldcommunitycouncil.org/position-papers/

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