MERC Christmas Party 2019

MERC Christmas Party 2019

The 2nd Annual MERC Aerospace Christmas Party was held at The Preserve in Annapolis.  We all enjoyed a great time of celebration and camaraderie with our colleagues, partners and friends.  This year we enjoyed another delightful history lesson in the excitement and challenges of developing hardware and systems for space.

Bill Koselka was our special speaker and joined us via telephone link from Florida. Bill took the opportunity to share his experience working the first in the series Tracking Data and Relay Satellite (TDRS) program way back in 1983. He provided the MERC team and guests with his perspective on working through intense challenges with that complex system and how luck sometimes played a role in their success. He credited their success on having the right team and an esprit de corps, which can increase any team’s probability amplitude for success.  In short, having a team of people with the right experience and judgement within a collaborative environment can cause you to make your own luck, sometimes!

Thank you to our MERC Team, our business partners, HeimLantz, Digital Curve Marketing, and Command Technologies, and our friends for a wonderful evening. Although 2019 did not start out as planned we had many good things to celebrate that put us on a firm trajectory for success.  We are excited to be supporting NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab with a team of exceptionally talented engineers and scientists. Here’s to 2020!

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